Step 4:

After filling in the bucket with hot water, add in the bleach right away! Make sure not to add too much bleach in as it will damage said item that's going into the bucket. The goal is to remove the stain not the color of said product and ruin it.

Step 5:

Once the product is mixed in with the water, go ahead and throw in your stained piece of clothing to let it soak in the water! After adding the item in the container, let it soak for around 5-6 hours before removing it, that way the product can start kicking in the clothing.

Step 6:

Make sure to use your hands(most likely, with gloves on) to scrub your clothing together so the bleach and water can mix in even better than just leaving it there for it to soak it in itself.

Step 7:

After you're finishing srubing your piece of clothing, hang it up so it can dry! I don't suggest putting it in a washing machine straight away as it could damage your piece of fabric so air drying is the best option first. Of course, this part is up to you since the product is already moving its gear to get rid of that nasty stain.

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