How to Remove Stains!

By: Kayla Do

Do you ever make a mess and end up with a horrible nasty stain? If so, this guide is perfect for you!

Make sure to follow each step carefully as some supplies that are needed may harm you.

Step 1:

Purchasing an oxygen bleach product with formulas that contain sodium percabonate and sodium cabonate will have a much better result to get rid of stains. Any other formulas that do not contain the two, won't have a very efficient effect.

Here's a list of good products to select from

  • Oxiclean(one of the most recognized ones)
  • Biokleen's Oxygen Bleach Plus
  • Oxo Brite(said to be friendly to the environment)
  • Step 2:

    Instead of just heading straight to the washing machine, find a good size container to help clean whatever is stained. Finding the right size will save the trouble of having either too much or too little space for said item.

    Step 3:

    At this point, fill in another container with hot water, and pour the hot water into the first container you selected. This is where you'll place your stained item in.

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